The Pig Jig is possible due to the generous donations from our community and friends like you.

‘Cue up a Cure for Nephrotic Syndrome!

Each year, local and national businesses invest in ‘cueing up a cure for Nephrotic Syndrome, FSGS and other protein-spilling diseases through the fun of the Pig Jig!

Thank you!

Thanks to our generous sponsors and patrons from 2021 we raised over $72K for NephCure Kidney International and the fight to find a cure for protein-spilling kidney disease!!

The Heat is On for the Amateur BBQ Competition for 2022!

Our teams got fired up on Saturday, Sept. 10, 2022 for the glorious recognition in our amateur BBQ competition!

Cook up a connection with the Rocky Mountain front range community, and support a critical cause while doing so.
The average cost of a Welcome Kit – a lifeline for newly diagnosed Nephrotic Syndrome patients – is $5,000. The average cost to fund a research program for one year through NephCure Kidney International is $50,000. Every dollar helps!


Support the crew that helps keeps things sizzlin’.

Big Pig Jig thanks to our pharmaceutical partner for 2022!

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